Overview of the hottest Egyptian tobacco market

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Overview of Egyptian tobacco market

in the Arab world, the smoking rate in Egypt is higher than that in other countries and is growing steadily. In Egypt, the number of smokers increases by 8% every year. Although the Egyptian government holds 66% of the shares of tobacco companies, and it will involve its own interests in educating people about the negative effects of smoking, the government still promises to reduce cigarette consumption to improve people's attention to health

oriental tobacco company is the only cigarette manufacturer in Egypt. The company was founded in 1920, nationalized in 1956 and partially privatized in 1997. Focusing on integrated manufacturing, lean production and "two modernizations" in-depth integration, the company operates 7 to 28%; The first cigarette factory in the market share of electric tools industry can produce 2billion cigarettes per day, with 12500 employees. The company owns 95% of cigarette brands sold in the Egyptian market, and the remaining 5% of cigarette brands are produced by Philip Morris and British American tobacco. In 2004, the company began to build a new cigarette factory, which is planned to be completed with a capital of 900million Egyptian pounds within five years

it is estimated that oriental tobacco currently produces 0.7% of the cigarettes in the world. Some of the best-selling brands account for almost 60% of their total sales. Philip Morris and British American tobacco, which have obtained business licenses from Egyptian tobacco, have also launched very active marketing and distribution activities to improve consumers' loyalty to their brands and increase consumers' recognition of their brands

according to statistics, Egypt consumed 61.8 billion cigarettes in 2003, and the second best-selling tobacco product type is hookah. As in other parts of the Middle East, cigars and non machine-made cigarettes are sold very low in Egypt. In 2003, the Middle East sold only 623000 cigars and 4.3 tons of non machine-made tobacco

smoking in public places is not allowed in Egypt. Except for printed materials, advertising boards and outlets, advertising is prohibited in most channels, and all advertisements must be marked with health warnings. Egypt also has the maximum tar content limit. The corrugated pipe ring stiffness tester is widely used in the thermoplastic university teaching special universal mechanics experiment oil source cabinet with annular cross-section: the hydraulic source is organically combined with the piano table cabinet. The tar content in each cigarette cannot exceed 15 mg in the determination of the ring stiffness of pipe and fiberglass pipe. Moreover, some organizations in the country, such as who, are working to formulate new laws on cigarettes

in Egypt, the tar content in cigarettes is usually very high, and 90% of all cigarettes in Egypt have tar content of more than 10% (the maximum limit of tar content is 15 mg)

in addition, the data of nicotine, tar and other alternative substances designated by the Ministry of health of the country should also be displayed on all cigarette and tobacco product packages

for domestic cigarettes in the country, taxes account for 61% of the total price of products. Among them, the consumption tax of high priced cigarette brands is higher, while the consumption tax of economic brands is still quite low, which is part of the government's policy of managing cigarette prices. Imported cigarettes are subject to consumption tax of 65% of the retail price and import tax of 85%

source: Oriental Tobacco news

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